Amateur Jumpshots

Amateur Jumpshots

KAREEM! Throwing trash away can be a great time to practice your jumpshot, right? Who loves basketball??! Baller life. Ball is life. We be ballin'.


Stephen: Kareem.
Matt: Bro.
Stephen: What?
Matt: There's not a trash can over there.
Stephen: Oh, is there not?
Matt: No.
Stephen: My bad.

Stephen: Kareem!
Matt: Dude?
Stephen: What? I thought you moved a trash can over for me.
Matt: Why would I... there are zero trash cans over here.
Stephen: Okay, sorry.

Stephen: Kareem!
Matt: Dude!
Stephen: What?!
Matt: Why are you now throwing open bags of chips?
Stephen: What do you want from me?
Matt: There's a trash can right next to you!
Stephen: Oh, how did I not see this?

Stephen: Kareem!
Matt: Dude! Quit trashing our room!
Stephen: Why?
Mallory: Ryan, did you still want to borrow these scissors- Kareem!
Matt: Mom!
Mallory: What?
Matt: Are you trying to kill me?!
Mallory: No, I just heard Andrew saying it, and I thought it was the hip new thing.

James: Cream!
Matt: What is happening?!
James: Oh. I thought you asked for cream.
Matt: So you poured some into a ceramic bowl and threw it across the room?
James: Son, is there something wrong? Cream.
Matt: Yes! My family keeps throwing things and none of us are athletic!

Stacey: Hey! Don't worry about it, kid. Kareem.
Stephen: Man, Kareem can't even Kareem.
Matt: Get out of here, real life Kareem!
Stacey: Sorry.
Matt: And all of you, go!
James: What?
Mallory: What?
James: Alright.
Stephen: Whatever.
Mallory: Fine.

Stephen & James & Mallory: Kareem!
Matt: No!

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Matt: Thanks for watching, and make sure to subscribe and share with your dysfunctional family members. Put that down, mom! Mom! Bowling ball.
Stephen: That was a good one.
Mallory: Kareem.
Stephen: Kareem!
Mallory: Kareem!
Stephen: Kareem.
Mallory: Kareem.
Matt: What is this?

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