Alena Helzer

Alena Helzer was a BYU Divine Comedy member from September 2015 until April 2018, where she was working with the featured Cast of Season 8 and Kayla Yentes, among others. She majored in Marketing. She was raised in Draper, Utah.

About me: "Alena is a fugitive of the law. You didn't see her here. Kapeesh?"

She played a cameo in the sketches No Work and All Cosplay, Where Is Thumbkin? and Lost Scouts.

No Work and All CosplayEdit

The Theater boyz are BACK! And THIS time, they are using their Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Batman costume skills to impress the girls at the movies!

No Work and All Cosplay

No Work and All Cosplay

Where Is Thumbkin?Edit

Don't you just LOVE a good puppet show? The classic nursery rhyme, "Where is Thumbkin?" is sure to get the kids entertained. Get your thumbs a' moving and watch now!

Where Is Thumbkin?

Where Is Thumbkin?

Lost ScoutsEdit

(This video will be available on a later date.)

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